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Kive's image generation tool empowers you to generate innovative and visually captivating images to enrich your library with ease. When you initiate a new generation, four AI credits will be deducted from your account, even if you choose not to save them.
Note: One generation costs 4 AI credits, which gives you 4 images as an output.

Generating an image

  1. Navigate to Generate image, which can be found under the tools section.

  2. Write a concise, clear prompt that includes key elements, desired colors or textures, and the overall mood. This serves as a guide for the AI. You can also test out our suggested prompts by clicking on "Show Examples".

  3. Adjust the image settings (βš™) according to your needs:

    1. Choose your style.

    2. Select square, landscape, or portrait mode.

  4. Hit Generate (purple icon next to the text bar).

Once the generation is completed you can choose to save it to a board, or download it to your device. Pictures are not automatically saved; you must save them to access them in your boards. However, you will always find them in your history under "Generate image".

Copying prompts and regenerating images

Looking to re-use your prompt? Just hover over the prompt area, next to your generated images, and click 'Use' to copy the prompt to the text bar. If you wish to regenerate the images with the exact same settings, just hit 'Rerun'.

FAQ - Image Generation

  • How many generations are included in my plan?

    • All paid plans come with monthly credit refills. For more details, check out the plan page.

    • Check your current credit balance in the top right corner, next to the diamond icon.

    • You can purchase additional credits for $9.99 to receive 200 more.

  • How can I use the items created by Image Generation?

    • The usage rights for images generated by our Generative AI model (Image Generation and AI Canvas) belong to our supplier, Stable Diffusion. Please refer to their Terms of Use page at for comprehensive information. These generated images can be used for commercial purposes as long as they do not cause harm or damage to others. Please note, we are not liable for any damages resulting from the distribution or use of the generated images.

  • Can I modify and edit my generated image?

    • Currently, you cannot make modifications or variations to existing images without generating a new one.

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